If there is a trend in America begging for attention it’s what we see happening to boys in our culture.  They’re failing in school, struggling to find identities and often unable to get jobs.  And more to the point, they are acting out in ways that are destructive.  We read in the news, on a much too regular basis, about the actions of a young male who has acted out against society, often looking to be noticed for something in their lives.  The research on this subject is clear.  Their troubles are our troubles. In this two-part series on the topic, we start with Dr. Leonard Sax, author of ‘Boys Adrift’.  He provides astonishing new studies on the impact video games are having on our boys, as well as troubling research on the medications they are taking for ADHD.  We also explore the impact the growing gender gap in education is having on them. This podcast is a vintage radio broadcast done in 2016.  The next podcast we will post involves Dr. Warren Farrell and the new book he’s co-authored with Dr. John Gray, on ‘The Boy Crisis’.