EP 133 The Boys’ Crisis

https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1516412845i/34196216._UY630_SR1200,630_.jpgDescription: We know the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’, but after hearing Dr. Warren Farrell address the problem, you will wonder why there is no analog to that called ‘Boys Lives Matter’.  By virtually any measure, boys in America are in crisis. They are falling behind in schools, being yanked out of the workforce as automation and offsourcing sideline them and they are often left to grow up without fathers.  And killing their peers. In ‘The Boy Crisis’, Dr. Farrell and co-author, Dr. John Gray(who also wrote ‘Men are from Venus, Women are From Mars’)turn these sobering numbers about boys in our culture into a story untold that has profound implications for our society.  Dr. Farrell will have you asking what you can do to reverse this most disturbing trend in our country