Today, many young people, women and others are feeling the need to get busy trying to achieve change in the political and social realm in America. On this special edition of America Trends, we explore a remarkable effort to make dramatic social change in Boston back in the 1980’s when two men, Curtis Davis and Andrew Jones, spearheaded an effort to re-incorporate Greater Roxbury into its own municipality, to be named Mandela, Massachusetts.  Brazen. Bold. Unheard of.  Ultimately, it was taken very seriously by the Boston power structure and resisted aggressively.  By their ingenuity and determination, the proposition made it to the ballot twice, failing both times.  However, the lessons learned can certainly be applied today.  Curtis Davis recently gave a presentation in Boston which you must hear.  Most recently, Mr. Davis, an architect and urban planner, was a Project Executive for the Smithsonian Institution’s Office of Planning and Project Management in Washington, D.C.  He was responsible for planning for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.