EP 646 Will ChatGPT Wipe Out White Collar Jobs?

If there is a technology story trending in America today it’s the presumed impact of ChatGPT on all manner of writing and communicating in our business lives, academic careers and every day interactions. While this description has been written by a real human being it could have been written by this enhanced form of artificial intelligence. After all, it is capable of composing poetry, creating chord progressions that adhere to music theory and translate 100 languages. The awesome capabilities of this new generation of AI are hard for most of us to grasp. That’s why we reached out to Naomi Baron, Professor Emerita of World Languages and Cultures at American University and the author of a new book, soon to be released, called “Who Wrote This? How AI and the Lure of Efficiency Threaten Human Writing.” White collar workers beware as an Oxford study suggests AI could replace 47 percent of U.S. jobs, including paralegals, copywriters, digital-content producers, entry-level computer programmers(yes it can code)and some journalists. Professor Baron makes clear the implications of this most powerful new tool on this podcast.