EP 634 Architect Whose Firm Designed New Sandy Hook Elementary School Describes Changes

While the community’s shock over what happened in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School can never be erased, the new school built nearby is meant to refocus thoughts to the future and designed to make it less susceptible to anything like it ever happening again. There is no way to harden a school beyond the possibility for an attack, but there are many approaches you can take to minimize the risk, according to Jay Brotman, Managing Partner of Svigals and Partners, the architectural firm in New Haven, Connecticut chosen to rebuild the school. In the podcast, he describes the approaches taken to both secure the facility, but still make it warm and inviting for students and teachers. The philosophy employed, and substantial input gathered from the community incorporated into the new design, is contained in the firm’s paper entitled “Building Safer Schools That Don’t Look Like Prisons”. This is an important conversation as communities address this issue nationwide.