EP 620 Women Gaining, But Still Behind, When It Comes to Managing Money

¬†Historically, money management was thought of as man’s work, As 41 percent of MBA students are now women, this notion, like so many things that we previously accepted as reality, is being disassembled. And it’s about time. Women continue to control more wealth in our society and whether for reasons of greater knowledge, inheritance, or divorce, as examples, they want and deserve to control the purse strings. What is required is greater financial literacy and emphasis which to this point has been lacking. Cindy Couyoumjian, financial planner and author of “The Rise of Women and Wealth” sees a sea change coming in the relationship between women and money as a new wave of feminism sweeps over the land. Using historical reference points, inspiring prose and some practical tips, she provides a framework for a new paradigm that is emerging.