EP 618 Back to the Moon With Intent

To many, America’s ‘public’ space program has seemed stalled in recent years.  With many pressing problems on planet Earth, have we given up imagining the possibilities of space as the new frontier and left those dreams to to private entrepreneurs and George Lucas and other Hollywood types?  The answer is a resounding ‘no’ as NASA gets set to embark on a different race back to the moon in order to use it as the platform for exploration of the deeper reaches in space.  Astrophysicist, Joseph Silk, who teaches at Johns Hopkins University details the complex and vital scientific objects of going “Back to the Moon’ is his new book with that title.  It’s fascinating to read about a lunar space station on the far side of the moon which offers a great picture into our world’s creation as well as whether, and what type of life, might exist elsewhere.  It’s a race America does not want to lose, yet the competition, primarily from China, is fierce because the prize, including rare earth materials to be mined, is great.