EP 531 What Steps Are Needed to Save Our Democracy?


Mourning in America might better describe the mood of the American people in early 2022 than what Ronald Reagan had in mind in the 1980’s.  President Biden just held a summit on democracy trying to encourage those countries that still fly that banner to hang in there and that this form of government can still work.  Who would have imagined?  Our guest, Thomas Geoghegan, author of ‘The History of Democracy Has Yet To Be Written’, actually thinks democracies around the world are doing all right, yet he has concerns which he enumerates in the book about the state of democracy here in America.  His concerns primarily center on the failings of Congress, the Article One branch of our government, for a host of good reasons which he describes.  He espouses some bold initiatives around the filibuster, gerrymandering and the role of the citizen in our democracy.  You’ll want to hear them on this podcast.