EP 530 How to Become a True Influencer




How many people do you engage with every day?  If you don’t count your ‘friends’ on Facebook, it’s likely to be a small number of real and direct human interactions.  As a result most of us are not ‘socially integrated’.  Having done a number of podcasts about the effects iof social isolation, in this podcast we turn the equation around and look for the positive effects of developing deep, meaningful relationships and loose associations.  This can mean spending time with friends, going to local shops and exchanging ideas with others in your community.  In combination, this all adds up to living a long and enjoyable life. Jon Levy is many things but chief among them for our purposes he is a behavioral scientist who has written the book, ‘You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence’.  In our conversation we will introduce you to the IKEA Effect in which taking on a project with an acquaintance allows for a vulnerability loop and that expression of vulnerability provides the opportunity to establish trust.  Many interesting concepts like that are explored in this podcast.