EP 492 Are We Still Living in Ronald Reagan’s America?

Conservatism has been the prevailing political ideology in America since the 1980’s, when Ronald Reagan’s brand came to dominate America’s political culture.  It was a rather pragmatic version, often cutting deals with Democrats to get 80 percent of what he wanted.  His belief that winning elections was for the purpose of governing.  Much of what he was trying to do was a reaction to activist liberal initiatives from the New Deal to the Great Society.  And while Reagan’s sunny side up form of conservatism gave way Donald Trump’s carnage in America pronouncements as part of his Inaugural Address in 2017, we wanted to explore the lineage of conservatism from Reagan to Trump–what they shared and where they departed in approach and substance.  H. W Brands, a history professor at the University of Texas-Austin, and author of ‘Reagan: A Life’ joins us.  He brings much historical perspective to this issue.