EP 466 Americans Love Money But Understand So Little About It

I am certain you’ve discussed money matters with a friend or relative and been shocked at how little they know about the subject.  It’s obvious by knowing the terrible decisions that they have made over time.  Or, perhaps, you’re that person. Money is the universal language of America and yet only six states require that it be taught in public schools.  A majority of us do not have a budget, half of us do not have enough saved for a $400 emergency and a third of adults have nothing tucked away for retirement.  Our guest, Cindy Couyoumjian, a certified financial planner, has a new book titled ‘Redefining Financial Literacy’.  In it she encourages us to know the basics of our own financial situation but she adds to the standard jargon in suggesting that we pay more attention to the overall economy and its impact on our finances.  She goes on to take a jab at conventional wisdom about the 60/40 rule and that our holdings should all be in stocks and bonds. Hear her out about more asset classes to invest in and Modern Portfolio Theory.