EP 462 New York: America’s Indispensable City

  Neither terrorist attack, financial meltdown, devastating hurricane or a pandemic can shake New York City from its perch as America’s most unique and vital city.  While some say it’s teetering now in the wake of COVID-19 it is hard to bet against this city because of the resilience and strength of its people.  And it’s the people of New York, in all five boroughs, who author Craig Taylor talked to to amass his great book, ‘New Yorkers: A City and Its People in Our Time’.  These are everyday New Yorkers, not celebrated ones, who go about their day trying to negotiate their lives in the toughest testing ground of all.  No matter your pursuit or career, you have got to perform it well to do it on the biggest stage in America.  In this podcast, Craig and I discuss what makes New Yorkers so different and how navigating its many challenges itself can be viewed as a great accomplishment.  The New York experience is unmatched and we will take a vicarious trip into the city today on the podcast.