EP 455 Reinventing Food Banks and Pantries

On many levels, the elaborate system of food banks feeding into food pantries in America works quite well. That’s until you consider the possibilities that these centers can become more client driven, more nutritionally based and can provide a range of wraparound services that they do not at this time.  Katie Martin, the Executive Director of the Foodshare Institute on Hunger Research and Solutions, in Connecticut, and the author of ‘Reinventing Food Banks and Pantries’ believes that the scarcity mentality surrounding our messaging about hunger limits the many possibilities for a new strength based approach empowering clients to use these programs as the basis for greater growth and development.  She argues persuasively for a new paradigm in our approach to feeding the millions of Americans in need.  Food insecurity, income inequality and  poverty are all intertwined.  We discuss what the future might look like if we develop new tools to end hunger on today’s podcast.