EP 448 Informed Medical Consent Bypassed by the Medical System

The topic we are bringing you on this podcast startled me.  My concept was that we, the medical consumer, gain protections year after year.  In fact, Harriet Washington’s chilling expose, ‘Carte Blanche: The Erosion of Medical Consent’, reveals just the opposite.  It is becoming harder to avoid being part of risky medical research as the matter of consent is often not sought.  Medical consent is a right you and I take for granted, but rather than being enhanced it has been eroding over the last twenty five years.  How can this be?  Ms. Washington makes disturbing comparisons between practices in present day United States to some egregious abuses by the Nazis in WWII. It’s a comparison she was reluctant to make but felt the parallels demanded she do so.  She will explain her thinking and ways to reform a broken system of medical research overreach.