EP 433 Can Government Solve Big Problems Anymore?

On the heels of the pandemic, we see that government has issues responding to a major, largely unseen, crisis.  As trust in public institutions crumbles, the question is whether we can restore faith in our system by bold actions that jolt the public into a new belief in what’s possible.  It’s a big job.  Decades ago, when government challenged us to dream big, we found our way to the moon.  Will it require the new Administration to ‘go big’ to re-instill confidence?  It will be necessary given the challenges we face: climate change, crumbling infrastructure, yawning income inequality and racial injustice, among others.  Mitchell Weiss, a Harvard Business School professor and author of ‘We the Possibility’, believes the entrepreneurial spirit and savvy can be applied in the public sector.  He was a leader in one of the first big city innovation offices in the country in Boston some years back.  He sees encouraging signs in many of our laboratories of democracy, like cities and states, that we can reclaim the ambition to try new things and be bold.  Let’s catch some of his enthusiasm on this podcast.