EP 423 Are There Changes Ahead for the Supreme Court?

Given the partisan battles over recent Supreme Court nominations, and the Democrats frustration over Mitch McConnell’s fixation for affecting American politics through the federal courts for a generation to come, President Biden was asked during the campaign if he would expand the size of the Court.  It’s been done a number of times before in our history.  He said that was not something he was intent on doing, but he did want to set up an independent commission to determine ways to reform the Supreme Court, as the debate over its extension as just another partisan branch of government have grown louder.  There are other measures that can be pursued to do this including term limits, a lottery system of rotating judges and others.  We called upon David Kaplan, a long-time Court journalist and author of ‘The Most Dangerous Branch: Inside the Supreme Court in the Era of Trump’, to help us understand the history what we may see happen in the period ahead.  He is a return guest because on his first podcast with us he was insightful, energetic and very funny.  Here;s more of the same and it’s a great listen.