EP 409 Self Neglect is Growing Threat Among America’s Elderly

Most people are aware that the elderly are vulnerable and that this population is often targeted by scammers and abusers.  Elder abuse, whether it is physical, emotional or financial, is a real concern for family members of seniors.  However, there is a growing threat that receives less attention: self-neglect.  That concept may be new to many, but given that there are more seniors than ever, many of them living alone, with relatives long distances away, it’s harder for family members to know if their loved is fully capable of taking care of their many needs.  Imagine walking into the home of an elderly loved one and being greeted by a foul-smelling odor that has no identifiable sourse.  The house is in disarray and there are papers, dirty dishes and pills not taken strewn around the living quarters.  The stories are heartbreaking.  How America is going to address the needs of an aging population is soon to become a national crisis. Lori Delagrammatikas, Executive Director, of the National Adult Protective Services Association, joins us to discuss the nature of the problem and ways we might address it.  If you have an aging parent or grandparent, please take a close listen.