EP 374 Marriage American Style in the Wake of the Pandemic

In 2018, marriage rates in America began falling to their lowest rates since the government kept those statistics dating back to 1867. And, yet, divorce rates, too, have been dropping for the better part of a decade. So what are we to make of these trends? Perhaps, the unions that are forming are fewer in number, but stronger. And in the wake of the pandemic, after being together 24/7, what do you expect to see? Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and a senior fellow of the Institute for Family Studies, weighs in a range of topics relating to marriage in America and feels that the ‘soul mate model’ of marriage may not fare as well as a more ‘family-first model’ when all is said and done at this unusual moment in time. We tackle the issues relating to later marrieds, second marriage success, the lengths of marriages as we age up together and many other interesting questions about ’til death do us part’. You may want to listen to this one alone. Not really.