EP 362 Why the Great CEO Exodus in America?

At the end of 2019 and the early part of 2020, the record number of CEO’s of major companies in America leaving their posts clearly represented a trend. In fact, one business journal described it as a ‘great exodus’ of newsworthy proportions. Did they know something we didn’t know about what was ahead? Or after 10 years of a growing economy and stock values, upon which much of their compensation is based, did they decide why tempt fate and decide take the the money and run? There’s no one answer to the question. In fact, there were cases in which the #MeToo movement and their continuing spotlight on misbehavior was a key element. It is just an amazing story when you see the companies on the list, from Disney to Boeing(another issue there, perhaps) to Alphabet, Wells Fargo and United Airlines. James Guilkey, PhD, and author of ‘M-Pact learning: The New Competitive Advantage-What All Executives Need to Know’ joins us to discuss the implications of these departures and how their successors’ skill sets may be very different as they take the helm of major companies at a time of great dislocation economically in America.