EP 349 America’s Emerging Energy Future

Who better than a forty year veteran of the oil business to guide us through a discussion that ends with a new reliance and confidence that renewable energy sources are viable and poised to fuel our country? That’s what we develop in detail and nuance in a wide-ranging discussion with Jack Kerfoot, author of ‘Fueling America: An Insider’s Journey’. The transition that is going on starts with the diminishing role of coal as a source of energy and leads us off shore to explore new wind technology, on top of our homes to look at the emergence of solar alternatives and under our hoods to explore the electrification of vehicle technology and the enhanced battery capability that makes it feasible. Makings of that future are clear in the numbers. Presently, 23 percent of America’s power is generated from renewable energy, passing coal for the first time ever. We extrapolate from that where we will be in the decades ahead. And while natural gas is the transitional fuel of the moment, solar, wind, hydroelectric, along with a beleaguered nuclear sector, are all playing more of a role as the years go on. if you have 40 minutes to understand what these changes will mean to your life–and your planet–join us.