EP 343 Drone Technology and Its Impact at Home and on the Battlefield

Recently we were reminded of the power of the drone as a weapon of pinpoint accuracy when Iranian General Qassem Suleimani was taken off of the battlefield by a precision strike at the Baghdad Airport. Drones are being used by the military in a host of different ways and, surprisingly, have been for many years. In the modern era America has deployed them in asymmetrical war zones so that we can survive overhead, do reconnaissance and avoid having more boots on the ground. Yet these technological wonders can be deployed remotely or autonomously from land, air and sea. Here at home, there are an array of uses ranging from public safety, geospatial mapping and recreational use of all types. Drones do raise many questions about how they can and should be deployed in battle, particularly in potential high-intensity conflicts with major powers like China and Russia. Back home we must determine how to insure that drones avoid invading personal space, related to privacy concerns, and air space that other vehicles need to occupy for human safety. Joining us to discuss this topic is Dan Gettinger, founder and co-director of the Center for Study of the Drone at Bard College.