EP 325 Should the SECURE Act Make You More Secure in Retirement?

In an age of more do it yourself retirement planning, it’s good to see Congress put aside differences and recognize that Americans need as many tools as possible to make saving for retirement easier.  That’s the basis for bipartisan support for the first reform of retirement law in 13 years.  It’s called the SECURE Act, which stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act.  Believing that you need to understand its provisions in order to take advantage of many of its provisions, we will walk you through the Act with Jeffrey Levine, Director of Advanced Planning for Buckingham Strategic Wealth.  And while this law has weeds to get through, we try to explain what it means to employers, employees and ways you can protect tax deferred savings and investing, with more options, for a longer period of time.  And, of course, we also explore how the act is paid for so that it is generally considered revenue neutral in a time of growing deficits and debt. Take the time to listen all the way through and then study it more or ask an expert what it means to you.  Here’s your primer.