EP 321 Alexa is Stealing Your Job

The other day I called a company and was told by the attendant, powered by artificial intelligence(AI), that she could understand full sentences and many commands and prompts previously decipherable only by another human being.  Thanks for the warning!  Artificial intelligence is ramping up quickly.  In fact, sixty nine percent of senior executives expect the term ‘workforce’ to eventually encompass both human employees and intelligent machines.  As a result, Americans could lose out on 24 million jobs.  However, Rhonda Scharf, author of ‘Alexa is Stealing Your Job’ thinks that at the other end of the dislocation, caused by AI, will be more and better jobs for humans.  Are you confident that you will be able to weather this fourth major technological era and preserve your dignity and your job?  Some profound challenges await us as workers as our workplaces morph, some at warp speed, to accommodate the change.  Her advice is to not be complacent and think that you are insulated.  Most professions will be visited by this technology as ways to compete in this transformative age.  The window of opportunity to proactively manage this jarring change is coming to a close, fast.  Many have already experienced the whiplash from it and have had to retrain or revise their plans for future employment.  Hang on.  It will likely be a wild ride.  Let’s us prepare you to prepare for it.