EP 317 Airbnb: The Sharing Economy’s Star Performer

  Hotel home has become synonymous with the brand, Airbnb, as it fashions new ways to connect travelers with experiences that are more than a room that looks just like the next.  The company’s success in a decade’s time has been remarkable and disruptive in the hospitality game. Longstanding brands like Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton have taken notice and have had to adapt to what travelers have come to expect as a unique, inviting experience.  Airbnb, unlike many other start-ups in the tech space, has also demonstrated profitability to go along with the headlines. It’s had its share of controversies as the neighbor next door becomes a hotelier, but the business principles it has put into place can have profound effects on the provider/customer experience in many industries.  Its goals are expansive as it tries to make many other experiences you have when leaving home more alluring and accessible with a few clicks on your phone. Perhaps no one is better able to dissect a brand in the business world today than our guest, Joseph Michelli, author of ‘The Airbnb Way’, which is a must read if you want to understand its emergence and dominance in the sharing economy.