EP 306 R.I.P. G.O.P.

  Stanley Greenberg, the respected Democratic pollster, has seen enough in the data to suggest that the revenge of the ‘New America’ is just around the corner.  And the evidence is in the blue wave of 2018 and the growing intensity of those who feel scorned, demoralized and bitter about the Trump era.  His book “R.I.P. G.O.P.’ is not built on political musings and meanderings, but hard fact and much research.  In his view, ‘the year 2020 will produce a second blue wave on at least the scale of the first in 2018 and finally will crash and shatter the Republican Party that was consumed by the ill-begotten battle to stop the New America from governing’, he writes.  This understanding the demographic landscape was echoed recently by retiring Republican Congress, Will Hurd, who said that the 2020 electorate is changing so quickly that 2016’s electorate is no gauge.  Who comprises the New America? It’s brown, black and Asian Americans, millennials, urbanites, and a growing growing of suburbanites who see the current Republican Party as too harsh on social issues.  It’s a fascinating look ahead and well worth your time in understanding these trends which may suggest a major political realignment and, according to our guest, and a positive period ahead when we tackle many of the issues now in lockdown because of gridlock.