EP 301 Are We Really Going to be Able to Live to 150?

The answer is no.  At least, given the real science of anti-aging as it exists today.  The true goal of real scientists is to improve the health span, not necessarily the life span. Now, mind you, there is a great deal of work going on in labs throughout the world on the subject and the spending on life enhancement and extension is a serious business which will go from 110 billion dollars presently to 610 billion dollars in 2025, according to reports.  Unfortunately, the many products that define their purpose as ‘anti-aging’ in pharmacies today is alluring, but unscientific.  The work is being done in fields such as senolytics, stem cell research, immune therapies and regeneration of organs.  Pioneers like Greg Bailey of Juvenescence says that ‘science fiction has become science’ in this field and that ‘progress will happen faster than people think’.  We turn to Dr. Judith Campisi of the Buck Center for Research on Aging for a clear picture of the state of play in the industry today and what it means going forward.