EP 293 Choosing the College That’s Right For the Job

 Given the cost and what’s at stake in choosing a college, perhaps, we are asking the wrong questions when we set about the process. Oh, there are a slew of books, rankings and resources which announce themselves as being definitive guides to making that choice.  But, are they? Using the ‘jobs to be done’ concept developed by Harvard University icon, Clayton Christensen, Bob Moesta(our guest) and Michael Horn, apply the concept to ‘Choosing College’, the title of their new book. Instead of focusing on what job a student wants after college, their focus is getting you to do the hard work of determining what ‘job’ a student is hiring a school to do.  By adopting the ‘Jobs to Be Done’ theory, students can better understand what motivates them. The book presents five different Jobs for which students hire a school. Once you’ve thought about these five Jobs, you can better approach which schools might meet your individual needs. This may be one the one book and one podcast you need before signing a letter of commitment to __________U.