EP 281 Do We Know Enough About Medical Marijuana?

As opioids lose favor, more chronic pain sufferers are turning to
medical marijuana and CBD supplement products to combat their pain.  And
given the fact that the federal government still considers marijuana a
Schedule 1 drug, the benefits, side effects and impacts of medical
marijuana have not been rigorously studied by the Food and Drug
Administration.  In fact, the FDA has only approved it for the treatment
of two rare and severe forms of epilepsy.  Given its federal
designation by drug enforcement, the same as heroin, LSD and ecstasy,
researchers need special licenses to study it.  It all seems so odd
since 33 states have legalized its use and developed their own varying
standards.  Seth Ginsberg, co-founder of Global Healthy Living
Foundation, believes we need a reality check and national standards to
protect consumers.  In a study his organization did they found that 57
percent of arthritis patients have reported trying marijuana for medical
purposes.  It looks like cannabidiol(CBD)products are out of the bag,
pack or whatever container you now find them in.  Shouldn’t we as a
nation admit it and make it safe? Listen in.