EP 265 Can Baby Boomers and Millennial’s Co-Exist?

      Being on this earth at this time represents a unique opportunity–and a special challenge.  As you’ll learn in this podcast, it’s the first time in history that six generations have shared the planet.  And while we talk about many divides and schisms–race, ethnicity, gender orientation–what has happened to the generation gap?  It was a big talking point in the 1960’s when ‘no one over 30’ could be trusted.  Today, the gulf that is most important is between the baby boomers, living longer and showing no signs of relinquishing control, and the other large cohort, the millennial’s.  Whether many of us feel we are in conflict with our children, it’s clear that technology, lifestyle and values do make communications a challenge.  And, we’re all having our equilibrium tossed about with the speed of change.  You’ll soon see that this makes for a fascinating conversation to sort things out with Hayim Herring, author of ‘Connecting Generations who makes an attempt to bridge the boomer, Gen X and Millennial divide.  Just hit play or download now