EP 229 Why Are So Many Americans Dying For A Paycheck?

Is your job making you sick?  There seems to be an epidemic of bad practices in the modern American workplace that, quite literally, may be killing people.  And don’t think you have to be a coal miner or work on an oil rig in the middle of the Atlantic to find those conditions. Through OSHA regulations, we might have made the physical environments in which we work safer, but that doesn’t account for the toxicity of overwork, stress, decrease in health benefits and the resulting conditions brought on by many employers who think that doing well and doing good are mutually exclusive.  According to Stanford business professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, the opposite is true. In his book, ‘Dying for a Paycheck’ he reveals stunning truths about today’s office and offers approaches employers can take to care for their workforce and increase profitability. Hint: the answer is not a gym or workplace wellness program alone.