To understand the populist phenomenon that led to Donald Trump’s election, many turned to John Judis’s book. ‘The Populist Explosion’, back in 2016.  He gave a clear-and prophetic-explanation of the rise of populism. Two years into the Trump Administration, and with similar political upheavals around the world, he attempts to explain the resurgence of ‘us vs. them’ nationalism in his latest book, ‘The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immigration, and the Revolt Against Globalization’. We explore with him the underlying causes of the nationalist revolt and its global impact, including whether the left or the right has caught more of the fever.  We also ask him whether his admonition to leaders to identify and reclaim what is valid in nationalism, while also maintaining strong international institutions, is possible in these turbulent times. His thinking on these issues is in the vanguard of political analysis today.