EP 149 The Anatomy Of Failure

EP 149 The Anatomy Of Failure


Why does America lose every war it starts?

It’s a provocative question given the talent of our military and the tremendous amount of money we spend on defense. And yet when was the last true victory we’ve had? WWII? Dr. Harlan Ullman, who served on the Senior Advisory Group for the Supreme Allied Command in Europe and was the principal author of the doctrine of ‘shock and awe'(which he explains was not properly deployed), attempts to make sense of this troubling reality.

In his new book, ‘Anatomy of Failure’, he starts at the top and describes the unpreparedness of our modern day Presidents to handle military strategy. And he goes much deeper to look at a range of factors that you might expect a military man to overlook. Most critically, he thinks that our troubled democracy itself bears much responsibility for our military’s response to conflict.

It is one of the most insightful discussions we’ve had in this podcast series and we encourage you to listen to his informed, and fresh, perspectives


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