EP 142 Life on Mars

Image result for Life on Mars: What to Know Before You GoAstronomist, David Weintraub, completes our mini-series on current space exploits by explaining the historical fascination with the red planet and present day efforts to get there in his book ‘Life on Mars: What to Know Before You Go’.  It’s all the rage and the pioneers are lining up to jump aboard the first manned spaceship going that way.  Would you?  Consider this: it’s a risk in going, will take about six months transit and there’s no need to buy a round trip ticket.  Oh, I forgot to say, that there’s no oxygen, just carbon dioxide, so no need to bring clothes because you’ll be walking around in that spacesuit for the foreseeable future.  And, if there’s no doctor on the journey, well….It’s still fascinating to contemplate as we do on this episode.