EP 110 The Future of Shopping

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/aMZx2C8YDsU/maxresdefault.jpgWhile we can blame the internet or Amazon, in particular, or the smartphone that brought them to us so easily, the way we shop has changed forever.  But, according to Kristen Bahler, in an article in a December 2017 article in MONEY Magazine, don’t give up on the brick and mortar store just yet as some are making it a whole new experience. With her, we explore those stores that are best at the game of ‘experience shopping’.  And we find out who is making the most of the ‘omni-channel strategy’ as they blur the lines between in-store and on-line.  And  since so many people find themselves employed in the retail sector, we ask whether the more immersive approach to selling can turn these jobs into careers.  Buy in by clicking play now.