EP 653 The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man for Team USA

America projects both economic and military muscle all across the globe.  And while we tell ourselves its all in pursuit of goals that will help people live better lives and rise from poverty in truth there is much that we do to benefit the rich and powerful in America.The help we provide benefits a select few in those countries and allows us to exploit low income countries and their precious raw materials in a scheme that is carried out by what our guest calls ‘economic hit men.’  He himself was one and regrets the suffering he says it has caused and degradation of the planet that results.  John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 3rd Edition-China’s EHM Strategy: Ways to Stop the Global Takeover”, is a road map to how rich nations get richer and poor countries remain that way. His role in the 1970’s led him to write a compelling work as to how a corrupt system of government agencies and businesses did whatever it took-including overthrowing and killing government leaders- to enable US companies to prosper.  He details the approach and the way that China is now in the game, using and adapting the tools we developed around the globe.  It’s a thrilling–and chilling–account of how the economic order really works.