EP 624 How Well Do You Understand the Israeli-Palestinian Situation?

While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been simmering, and at times boiling over, for the last 70 years, our understanding of the issues at stake are spotty.  It’s complicated and you must go back to Biblical times to really understand it.  Our guest echoes the sentiment that both sides are ‘righteous victims’.  In this podcast, we touch on the history and then break down the current situation between the parties.  While we attempt to touch on the high points, there is no substitute for reading Daniel Sokatch’s accessible, but indispensable, guide to the subject called “Can We Talk About Israel: A Guide for the Curious, Confused and Conflicted.” He walks us through some of the moments of possibility, such as the mid to late 1990’s, when President Bill Clinton and the parties were so close to the elusive two-state solution.  Yet, it fell apart and there has not been a serious attempt to reconcile long held contentious positions since.  Stay with this one throughout because at the end of the podcast the CEO of the New Israel Fund and author explains the seeming devotion of Evangelical Christians in America and the State of Israel.  It’s eye opening.