EP 607  The Nowhere Office is the Place to Be

 For many people today saying who you work for as opposed to where you work is a lot simpler question to answer. There were many problems emerging with the traditional office before the pandemic, but its fate was further cast in doubt when people and technology adapted to work anywhere, anytime. Now this revolution is not available to front line workers who have to engage with customers directly or the majority of workers who provide services in construction, manufacturing and other fields. But for the growing sector of the professional class, the knowledge workers, they may never leave home, if their preferences are adopted. It is by no means a settled issue and companies are taking different approaches to the role of the central office. However, it is clear that hybrid work will continue to grow over the coming period as workers are in demand and are demanding this flexibility. Our guest, Julia Hobshawm, author of “The Nowhere Office: Reinventing Work and the Workplace of the Future” and a Bloomberg contributor is our guest.