EP 430 Are You Prepared to Die?

 Our podcast is about looking down the road a bit.  If we’re all honest with ourselves, we know how our personal story ends.  The truth is few of us want to plan for it in the way we do for the arrival of our first child, purchasing our first home or our retirement.  And that certainty, of course, is death.  If we pretend we cannot see the end, we risk leaving those we love, our children in most cases, with a real mess.  And now that we leave behind a physical and a digital footprint, the considerations are many.  Abby Schneiderman, our guest, and Adam Seifer with Gene Newman, have put together the most practical book we have ever featured.  It’s called ‘In Case You Get Hit by a Bus’.  If you have elderly parents or young children, or just want to be prepared, you must first listen to this podcast and then read this book.