EP 421 Days of Future Past

Man has never before had as much potential to affect the future as we do today.  We can cure diseases in ways never imagined, develop technology to solve problems using algorithms that would have taken countless man hours and apply modern practices to the way we live to insure plenty for all.  On the flip side, this age of the anthropocene has caused environmental damage to the planet which requires us to use that genius to put the brake on climate change. It is a precious gift that  humanity has gained the ability to not only imagine the future, but to design and engineer it.  Dr. Andrew Maynard, an expert on socially responsible development of technology, in his new book, ‘Future Rising’, reminds us of all the human potential that gives us this unique opportunity to progress.  As you read this description, and by virtue of you listening to this podcast, in some sense you are making a commitment to know what responsibility you have in shaping a future that can far exceed our expectations.  In my own way, I like to think about when I arrived here in 1952 and all the work that had been done to make my world more liveable than someone born fifty years prior.  Now, let’s pass it on.