EP 404 How Will the Universe End?

All good things must come to an end, as the song goes. It’s no less true for the universe than it is for love stories. It’s not something we spend much time thinking about because a)it’s too depressing and b)it’s likely billions of years into the future. Please don’t confuse the universe with the earth. We have the power to obliterate ourselves today. Why wait for natural forces? Of course, we all hope that our better angels prevail and the scenarios that Dr. Katie Mack posits in her book, ‘The End of Everything(Astrophysically Speaking)’ are so removed from our reality that they never give us a moment’s pause. However, the end is going to happen according to the scientific community, whose sophistication in this area is accelerating at a rapid pace. So how will it come about? Will it be the ‘big crunch’ or ‘dark energy’ or ‘heat death’? You’ll have to tune in to find out. And you will have to then decide what it means, most importantly, to the way you live your life today knowing that little, if anything, we do here will remain as a permanent record. It will all vanish in time. Theologians explore the meaning of this and scientists put a clock on it. What are we to do with this information?