EP 354 The Twilight of America’s Way of Empire

This is the second episode devoted to the dominant position America has played across the globe for nearly a century.  The truth of the matter it it is coming to an end.  Issues at home and abroad, as well as recent health and financial shocks, have made America attend to other matters and question whether its globalist ambitions, so much on display at the end of The Cold War, are sustainable.  The short answer is they are not.  In his book, ‘The American Way of Empire’, James Kurth says it’s time to recognize that elites in the country had a set of objectives calling for further involvement in an ideological, economic and military sense all around the world, that are no longer attainable.  Our domination of international organizations, our hegemonic system and spheres of influence in western Europe, Asia and other places is coming apart.  If history is a guide, great powers do not realize their re-positioning as one of, not the major power in the world until its upon them.  This, according to Kurth, is our moment.  It is in this period, however, where re-emerging powers, like China, Russia and, even, Iran will challenge our weakened position.  This could result in peaceful competition, arms races, dangerous crises and/or hot local hot wars or perhaps something we have yet to imagine.  A cyber attack of some enormity?  Let’s explore this important topic.