EP 323 The Council for National Policy May Be the Most Powerful Network You’ve Never Heard Of

You’re driving in America’s heartland and you’re listening to the radio.  You may hear Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannitty and other more popular conservative talk show hosts, but you’re just as likely to hear hosts from Salem Media, Bott Radio Network or American Family Radio.  Sure, everyone knows the impact that Fox News has had on bringing conservative Americans together to forward the fortunes and agenda of Donald Trump.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  The iceberg itself was built decades ago when a little talked about ‘Shadow Network’, as Anne Nelson calls it in her book with that title, became the strategic nerve center for channeling money and mobilizing votes for conservative candidates across America.  Combining media, money, evangelical churches and highly sophisticated approaches to digital technology, the radical right has built a powerful platform of political influence little understood by many Americans.  We lift the veil on this shadowy amalgam in this podcast as Ms. Nelson powerfully describes its tentacles.