EP 275 How Does a Society Dislodge Entrenched Interests?

 In a democratic society, like ours, how easy or hard is it to upend
power and economic disparities, when those who have the most to lose
also have the most power?  It’s a tricky question which Professor Paul
Starr, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, attempts to answer in his new
book, ‘Entrenchment’.  Let’s be honest, it’s not easy and can literally
take centuries.  In America, the results of The Civil War were
remarkable, but still leave behind a legacy of injustice against black
people in our society which are persistent and pernicious.  So, we ask
our guest whether the process of change or turning over the old order
was envisioned by the framers to be a difficult process, given how
daunting a task it is to amend the Constitution.  Hint: we haven’t had
an amendment in a long time.  And when we do look to right wrongs or
address imbalances and bend them in a more just way, while hard won, are
they forever?  This notion of entrenchment will get you thinking about
change and the forces that often stand in the way.