EP 238 American Fix: Inside the Addiction Crisis

The impact of the opioid epidemic in America has twin tentacles in the legal dispensing of prescription painkillers and the the cheap and illegal flow of heroin, as well as synthetics, like fentanyl, into this country.  Underlying the use of these drugs is a country awash in emotional pain, often many years in the making. It’s a sad chapter in American history and it’s compounded by a flawed system that criminalizes addiction, pushes the big bucks agenda of the pharmaceutical companies and leaves many with unenviable choices as to recovery options, if they are available at all.  Ryan Hampton, author of ‘American Fix’, a leading recovery advocate and former White House staffer, with his own personal story of addiction, takes us through this labyrinth in a personal and wrenching way. Given the staggering numbers affected directly or indirectly by the scourge, he believes the millions involved are becoming a major political force in the 2020 election.