Monthly Archives: May 2018

EP 126 EVERYTHING YOU LOVE WILL BURN that would not make a great Hallmark card sentiment.  Then again coming from one of the leaders of the white nationalist movement upon learning of Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, what might you expect?  Vegas Tenold, author of the book ‘Everything You Love Will Burn’ was embedded with groups like the KKK, the National Socialist Movement and the Traditionalist Workers Party to determine whether recent politics in America was giving fuel to their largely discredited beliefs.  He shares with us this inside look at these dangerous organizations and their young leaders. You’ll learn what they hoped would result from the march in Charlottesville, Virginia and what the violence ultimately did to their aspirations. It may surprise you.



EP 125 A NEW ECONOMY OF FREE AGENTS Pofeldt reminds us that nearly 40 percent of people in the workforce are free agents, otherwise known as independent contractors, freelancers and anything but full-time, salaried employees with benefits.  This change will call for reforms in a host of different areas of our society. For instance, how do you get credit from a bank without a steady paycheck? Or pay your bills on time when there is no weekly paycheck?  At the same time, with this number of people offering their services to each other, there exists great opportunity as a one person operation to enlist their talents tied to the efficiencies of the internet, and build a very successful business of your own.  One of our fast growing sectors of the economy is highlighted in her book, ‘The Million Dollar One Person Business’. She explains.