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EP 356 Why Do More Americans Find Costa Rica a Good Place to Move to?

Well, let me count the reasons: the sun, the beaches, the spirit of the people, the gentle breezes, the cost and the environment.  In many ways, it seems a place set apart from many of its neighbors and clearly from those of us in North America.  Maybe it’s, in part, because of the great messaging welcoming you there on HGTV or maybe it’s the curiosity surrounding a nation, bordered by potential threats, that disbanded its armed forces in 1948.  Who among us hasn’t heard that you can live like a queen or a king down there on your social security check?  Having been there recently on vacation, I was enchanted by the people and the place. So, I decided to explore what makes this place so attractive.  Our guide, and perhaps you’ve seen her on HGTV on a number of series is realtor extraordinaire, Rebecca Clower.  She owns Blue Water Properties and knows Costa Rica, its attributes and success story, as well as anyone.  As always, we ask a range of questions about the place so that if you’re pondering the move, you know what awaits you from one side of the country to the next.  Well with eleven micro-climates and many Costa Ricas all wrapped up in one place, you can make a mistake by not exploring its many facets.  The journey begins today on this podcast.