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EP 96 WHY IS SOCIALISM SO APPEALING TO YOUNG PEOPLE IN AMERICA…AND IS FACEBOOK EXPLOITING A VULNERABILITY IN OUR BRAINS? John Huber, Chairman of Mainstream Mental Health, joins us again for a freewheeling conversation focused on millennial’s but important to all about their beliefs and influences and the impact they are having on our society.  We touch on their penchant for socialism, Bernie Sanders style, and the recent admission by Sean Parker, a co-founder of Facebook, that they knew that what they were building could be addictive.  And we even touch on the impact that mass shootings are having on our society’s mental health.  We think you’ll appreciate the range of topics we touch on.



Mama told us just the opposite, but this is a new day and the autonomous automobile is, figuratively speaking, just around the corner. The impact that driver less cars, buses and trucks will have on the jobs of so many involved in the movement of people and goods is of concern to the federal government. David Beede, who works at the U.S. Commerce Department, undertook a study with his colleagues to project what potential displacement might occur in the workforce. He joins us to discuss.

EP 93 DO YOU NEED A LICENSE FOR THAT THING YOU DO? hear a lot about the federal government and over regulation.  And yet some of the most burdensome regulations are mandated by states as they determine which occupations require how many hours of training leading to license.  And each state’s requirements as to which fields require how much training are different.  Worse still is that there is little reciprocity state to state and a field licensed in one state may not be licensed in the neighboring state.  Do interior decorators really need a license?  Do physical therapists need a clinical doctorate?  If it’s all about health and safety, shouldn’t tattoo artists need to be licensed?  Perhaps, there are other factors at play.  We explore with Dr. Mark Gius, an economist, from Quinnipiac University.

EP 92 HAVE YOU CAUGHT THE LAZINESS EPIDEMIC?’s going around. And it seems to have caught up with people of all ages. And in Britain, where the population shares medical expenses, there is grave concern about its impact on society as the amount of time exercising plummets and the pounds abound. Naveed Sattar, a professor of metabolic medicine, at the University of Glasgow joins us to discuss whether we’re entertaining ourselves to death and what we, as individuals must do to avoid the many temptations of our sedentary lifestyle.


EP 91 INNOVATE OR DIE IS THE MESSAGE’s a painful reality but we have seen corporate behemoths taken down by upstarts because they failed to focus on the changes in society and stuck to their outdated processes, often because they had so much invested in them.  (Read: Kodak  Is it enough to be nimble and quick? No.  Is it enough to have the best technology?  No.  So how do you align for success in this era of exaggerated change?  We turn to the best man we can think of to help us understand this: Steven Hoffman, the CEO of Founders Space, who designs incubator and accelerator programs in Silicon Valley for start-ups and is the author of the new book, ‘Make Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation’.  Can he tell whether an idea will work? His stories and insights are timely and priceless.  Take it all in.

EP 90 WILL AMERICA EVER DECLARE WAR AGAIN AND A GULF OF TONKIN ‘INCIDENT’ REDUX,204,203,200_.jpgIf you want to go back to when America started hot wars in a manner at odds with the Constitution a good place to start might be Vietnam, though some would go back to Korea.  This podcast frames the issue of war powers by way of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, as Americans went off to fight and die under the most flimsy of pretenses. John White, author of ‘The Gulf of Tonlin Events-Fifty Years Later: A Footnote to the History of the Vietnam War’, describes it as a false flag operation and explains how he ended up revealing the lies that served as justification for a war in which 58,000 American soldiers died.  It’s a compelling, and disheartening, story.  Will Congress ever re-assert its proper role in the process?  We discuss.

EP 89 WHY DO WE ALL ENVSION SIRI, THE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, A FEMALE?,204,203,200_.jpgFrom racially insensitive photo filters to ride hailing apps that quietly track user movements, the digital tools and products that define our lives today often include cultural biases. According to Sara Wachter-Boettcher many of these design failures can be traced to the cultural uniformity of the companies behind our modern digital landscape. How easy is it to detect biases in our on-line world and what are the impacts to our lives? We discuss these issues with Sara, author of ‘Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech’ on this episode.

EP 88 ARE THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS THE FIRST SILICON VALLEY WONDER TEAM?,204,203,200_.jpgThe NBA champion Golden State Warriors are considered a dynasty in the making as well as a well-run business, successful in ways far beyond Steph Curry’s three pointers and Draymond Green’s suffocating defense. With Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Joe Lacob, at the helm, they recognize that they are ‘a sports, media and technology entity’. They use data, science and technology in new ways to enhance the players’ efficiency, improve the fan experience and fatten the bottom line. Some years ago we learned about baseball’s ‘Moneyball’ and now just down the road from the Oakland Athletics we get introduced to the concept of ‘Betaball: How Silicon Valley and Science Built One of the Greatest Basketball Teams in History’. Author Erik Malinowski is our guest.

EP 87 IS THERE A DESPOT’S APPRENTICE IN THE WHITE HOUSE?,320_.jpgDictatorships flourish in place where truth is subjective and where the institutions meant to put a check on power, like the press and the courts, are demeaned and undermined.  It’s beginning to sound eerily familiar to a place we all care about.  Dr. Brian Klaas delves into the worsening state of democracies around the world and the growing concern that the beacon of freedom, America in the Trump era, is taking on characteristics of those regimes.  In this podcast, we look at how America’s interest in promoting democracy around the world is on the wane just as our own is being subverted from within.  And who gains from these trends.  Finally, Dr. Klaas tells us the four scenarios he’s sees for America in 2020.  Make certain you stay for his conclusions.